Photo by Poelique (how I like to draw with eyes half closed)

Greetings in meta-light, and in peace,

This is a specific blog to share the love of drawing. Yet not just a drawing, more to the art of understanding and learning from the soul’s journey.

Does it sound like nonsense and off from reality? 🙂

The truth is, it is not as complicated as you may think of, it is even much, much easier to understand when is not in doubt, but it is also not quite as simple as one would imagine 🙂

And by that, therefore the blog is named souldrawing: the starshine records. With humility and regards, I would like to express that this is how the Soul within you would visually appear.

From here on, please allow me to unroll the varsity of the emotional aspects, passion, visions, potentials, even past-denials of the given commitment regarding my mission within this life’s remarkable ongoing experience.

When did I first began to draw, I may not remember. But I do remember why I draw

All will be shared in a part by part case study—according to each Subject’s portfolio, specially compiled for your enjoyable readings.




“Flash, twitched out from the TV’ Image courtesy of Don Wazejewski

Similar to a television that projected audio and visual frequency, so does the human body consist of biomagnetic flow which in the output also projected the individual’s life journey, nuance, personal interest, passion and any other aspect (be it previous, ongoing or parallel) that may affect the maximum growth of the current potentials.

The interpretation of this body biomagnetism is then contemplated into symbolic images, numerical connecting/correlation & drawritings. How the later shape of the drawing will be depicted followed by the interpretation, is in accordance with the uniquity of each individual. So it certainly won’t be the same.



More than often, many unexplainable events in life creates wonder;  is it really meant to be happened? Well then, it is not a secret that as a human being what we actually able and permitted to do, is to be aware of the positive catalyst that may lead to best and better result, in a conscious and natural way. 

The most vital knowledge is to have a complete awareness of your present situation & condition (pre-research), before then creating new plans and decisions.

The Souldrawing provide a subtle approach to any factors that may affect your current progress (mental burdens, haunting curiosity, previous commitment, and so on). All with primary concern towards your self-and-potential development by the re-connection (realignment by own’s will to be precise) of the reliant self with its higher inspirerstarting from the present moment. For within each individual, lies the intangible potentials.

Even so, many had felt helpless and low when enduring Life challenges, without realizing how Life itself has already approached with solution or unthinkable miracles, again, waiting to be recognized…

When you have acceptance in the present moment. Surprisingly, Life brings you to infinite possibilities.

 May you have a starshine smile,

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“Life is like a Formula race where each pit stop is your checkpoint lap to the divine realm”

"At a distant you see Light, when you get closer you meet Love" ~ Gede Prama

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